Azerith Bushytail

Performer - Hostess - Venue OwnerDiscord: Azerith1


Specializing in duets, Azerith and her Wind-up assistant aim to delight venue patrons throughout Eorzea with a custom, interactive show featuring music from several genres. Each song is edited by Azerith to bring her own unique sound to your venue. Rates and more info listed below.

Hostess - Venue Owner

A warm welcome and engaging conversation are what you can expect when entering the Kitty Cafe and Lounge, a SFW RP-lite venue with a touch of class and a lot of charm. Azerith loves hosting couples and small groups, and writes custom emotes for each meal. Private dinners consist of four courses, and bard performance is available upon request. Located on Aether - Jenova, Mist, Ward 23 Plot 12. In order to better serve the community and give anyone the opportunity to have a nice RP experience, there is never a charge for services at the Kitty.


Azerith has been a performer since October of 2021, performing shows at dozens of venues across the Aether Data Center. Starting as a solo bard, she added her duet partner later that year.Notable works include arranging the entirety of Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon and selections from The Wall, the Christmas portion of Handel's Messiah, and she now sports a growing library of 250 hand-edited songs for your venue's enjoyment. With a library consisting anything from Anime themes to Jazz to Progressive Rock, you can be sure that she'll put together a set that fits the vibe of your venue.RATES NO LONGER APPLY; I PLAY FOR FREE. THE COMMUNITY HAS BEEN VERY GOOD TO ME; THANK YOU.Rates: 300k for one hour, 500k for 2 hours. Each additional hour is 250k.Song commissionsCommissions are currently closed.
Looking for a specific song to perform, but can't find it in the BMP or other discords? Azerith can help! Message her on Discord or contact her in-game. Rates depend on the length and complexity of the song, but typically start at 500k and go upwards to two million for more difficult and lengthy music. Solos, duets and trios only.
Contact on Discord: